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Sunken Dream by madcoffee Sunken Dream by madcoffee
Water color on paper
Using only one nilon brush (size 5)

I did this in one day, when I was resting after I got sick. I actually didn't have the strength to finish it.. but I have nothing else to do.

Curiousity creeps within the sunken ship.

This is how I see my mermaids.
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luana Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2002

the colors you used are just amazing ..

I love it a lot Heart

freethought Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2002
this is so beautyful, youīre a great talent! =) (Smile)
pdaoust Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2002
you have a print account? w00tles! where's my (parents') credit card?
ritsoku-fushi Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2002
very nice
the-joker Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2002
Looks great love the style...So smooth and still its good colored and detailed...Like this alot....
fudge Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2002
very nice.. i like the choice of colours, they intermingle quite nicely.. the patchy brushwork gives the pic quite a soft, dreamy feel.. Thumbs Up
loiden Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2002
thatīs a beutiful painting. I like it alot. the underwater theme is great too.. and that carracter just look perfect drawed. I canīt se anything that I dun like on it.. mh. simple great!"
zlim Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2002
I wish those mermaids existed in reality.
fairlane Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2002


brimstone2k Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2002
Very nice piece of art!

Great skills!!!

Excellent work, as always! Thumbs Up

Love your Gallery
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